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Privacy Policy
Pmvalley Ltd.
Version of June 17, 2019


I. Introduction

Pmvalley Ltd (ul. Obrońców Wybrzeża 15/1506, 80-398 Gdańsk, KRS 0000778907, NIP: 584-278-27-96, Regon: 382942766, tel. +48 697 530 530, email:, makes every effort to protect the privacy of all users of the website; in particular the Advertisers and Candidates.


II. General rules

1. The Job Board respects the right of Advertisers and Candidates for privacy and personal data protection that are processed in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (UE) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 concerning protection of individuals in connection with processing of personal data and free flow of such data and repeal of the Directive 95/46/WE (general regulation on data protection) (hereinafter: GDPR).
2. The Job Board informs that it uses Cookies by means of Google Analytics - using “Cookies”. These data do not contain identifying characteristics for specific individuals.
3. The Job Board informs that it does not share with the Advertisers and Candidates, additional technical measures to prevent the acquisition and modification of personal data transmitted electronically by unauthorized persons.
4. It is not allowed to use the Job Board anonymously or using a nickname, which is justified by the character of provided services where the personal identification is important.
5. The Job Board has a right to communicate with the Advertiser and Candidate  via all given email addresses in order to provide services in a proper way.
6. The Job Board informs that it makes every effort to protect the personal data of the Advertisers and Candidates from illegal processing including destruction or revealing to unauthorized persons. However, the Job Board may not exclude the risk of illegal processing including destruction or revealing to unauthorized persons, for which it is not responsible.
7. The Job Board shall process personal data defined in this Privacy Policy. In each case it will be at least the following personal data:
a. name and surname,
b. email address,
c. phone number
8. The Advertiser, their employees and the Candidate, may demand that their personal data is supplemented, updated, corrected or that they are not processed any more or are deleted if the data is incomplete, out-dated, false or if they were gathered in an illegal way or if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they have been gathered. The claims may be addressed directly to the Personal Data Protection Office (Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych).
9. All personal data is processed to handle enquiries, performance and servicing the ordered Service and for fulfilling legally justified aims of the Job Board, including direct marketing of own products or services. Individual personal data may be processed on grounds of the consent given by a person, who they refer to or another basis if so provided in the Privacy Policy.
10.The user of the Job Board can agree to processing their personal data for marketing products and services to third parties during the period of using the Job Board services. The lack of agreement has no influence on the rights and obligations of the user.
11.The user of the Job Board can agree to processing their personal data for advertising
purposes, market research and research on the behaviour and preference of the customers. The results of the research will be used in order to improve the quality of the services provided by the Job Board. The lack of agreement has no influence on the rights and obligations of the user.
12. The data of the persons, who accepted receiving commercial information to their electronic address, such as a name and e-mail address, are stored by the time of calling for demand to delete thereof or any objection, irrespective of other time-limits mentioned below.


III. Advertiser


1. The Job Board informs that it processes the personal data of the Advertiser and his/her employees in the scope necessary to provide them with the service ordered including forwarding job applications.
2. The Advertiser or their employees may agree to the processing of their personal data: email address and phone number by Pmvalley for the purposes of direct marketing of their services during and after the duration of the service provided. The consent is voluntary.
3. The consent granted by the Advertiser or their employees is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time by changing the settings in Profile account or sending a written note to the email address of the Job Board.
4. The data will not be disclosed to third persons with the exception of transferring the data in the scope necessary to perform the payment service.


IV. Candidate


1. The Job Board informs that it processes the personal data of the Candidate in the scope necessary to provide the service ordered including forwarding job applications to the Advertiser.
2. The Job Board will be processing the personal data mentioned in § II art. 7 of this Privacy Policy as well as other personal data given in the application form, Candidate’s Profile account (home city, informations concerning job experience). In case of applying to new job offer, the Job Board will be processing data on the generic
preferences of the Candidate, concerning the job advertisements.
3. The Job Board informs that the scope of the processing of personal data is broader than the one given in § II art. 7 because of the nature of the services provided.
4. Processing your personal data will be terminated not later than within two weeks after recruitment to the job offer the Candidate has applied to has ended. Backup copies including your personal data shall be deleted after 365 days from the date of submitting your job application.
5. Processing personal data regarding the account will be terminated through permanent deletion within five weeks after deleting the account.

V. Rights concerning data
1. The User has the right to receive data that we process with his/her consent or as part of the performance of the contract.
2. They will be sent to the User or to a third party in a standard, machine-readable format. At the request of the User, the data may be sent directly to other party responsible for them, to the extent that it is technically feasible.


VI. Data processing outsourcing


1. In order to maintain the user's account, provide the ordered services and current support, the User's data may be transferred for processing to specialised entities.
2. Outsourcing the User's data to external providers may, in particular, concern the following services: courier and mail, hosting and maintenance of servers, sending e-mails, accounting.


VII. Cookies


1. Cookies are small text files sent by the Job Board to the end users and stored there. Cookies can only be read by the Job Board.
2. The Job Board uses cookies for the following purposes:
a) Measuring the traffic of Users on the Job Board using the Google Analytics code.
b) Customizing the content of the Job Board to the preferences of users and optimizing this content - memorizing the lack of consent to display specific content, collecting data about the popularity of specific job ads, the number of clicks on individual parts and buttons on the website
c) Identifying and maintaining the User's session when logged into the Account.
3. Use of cookies by the Job Board requires the User's consent. It is assumed that you agree to use cookies by the Job Board, in respect of which your Internet browser settings allow you to use cookies through the Job Board.
4. Users may at any time change their settings in the cookie web browser, especially in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies or to inform them of each time they place cookies through the Service on the User's device.
5. The Job Board informs that the restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Site or prevent the use of the Website.
6. The Job Board declares that the use of cookies by the Job Board does not cause any configuration changes in the End User's devices or the software installed on them.


IX. Final provisions


1. In matters related to this Privacy Policy please contact us at:
2. The Job Board reserves the right to edit this Privacy Policy. The new version shall be  published on the website The new version of the Privacy Policy enters into force on the day of its publication.
3. The Privacy Policy has been prepared in Polish and English. In case of discrepancies the Polish version shall prevail.
4. The provisions of the law applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland shall apply in the scope not regulated in the Privacy Policy.
5. The Polish court having jurisdiction over the Job Board’s seat shall investigate any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy.